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Charlie or Desmond


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No flag, no country! 

no but seriously guys this is the history of the british empire in a nutshell

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Things I should be doing: Writing

Things I am doing: Imagining random shit from the story I want to write without actually thinking them through and then forgeting about them.

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Make me Choose : cohleharts  ;  (* Ragnar or Jax)

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 Tomorrow’s 4/20….so remember not to take a joint from a guy named Don & smoke it up

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trying to finish an essay thats due tomorrow more like


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Look, if you nicely tell me that swearing makes you uncomfortable and you politely ask me not to, I will stop immediately and speak nicer than a nun.

But if you start acting like you’re on some fucking high horse, or telling me that I’m going to Hell for talking the way that I do and you can’t “be around that kind of language” then you can bet your motherfuckin’ ass that I’ll be fucking cussing like a cunt-fuckin’ sailor you maggot-ridden piece of dick.

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God’s dad was an alcoholic gay man

I swear this show is on drugs

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no man, no matter how great,
can escape his destiny to be locked up (at least once) in the dungeon of camelo-

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Characters + Season 3B  (1/?)

Stiles Stilinski

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The best Hannibal text posts (so far)

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